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Minimalism in skincare routine

Minimalism in skincare routine

Minimalism in the skincare routine has benefits for your skin, the environment, and your wallet.

Minimalism in skincare focuses on key steps and ingredients necessary to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Essentially, it refers to having fewer steps in your skincare routine.

Minimalism in the skincare routine has benefits for your skin, the environment, and your wallet.

The benefits for your skin are huge.

Our skin has an internal mechanism to self-maintain and self-restore. This is a complex mechanism consisting of the skin barrier, proliferation, and differentiation of skin cells, desquamation, and a network of a variety of immune cells.  When we overload our skin with unnecessary products, we take the skin’s ability to function properly. This is somewhat similar to our immune system. When we overload our body with drugs, our immune system “forgets” how to function properly.

I believe that some skincare concerns, such as acne, are caused or aggravated by skincare products. By using unappropriated and unnecessary products, we disturb skin microbiome balance and jeopardize the skin’s infection-fighting ability, among others.

For overall healthy skin, the routine should consist of a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Some products can be added to address a specific concern. Some products can be used occasionally, such as exfoliants. Products that you use daily should work for your skin needs.

My approach to product formulation is based on an in-depth understanding of the skin’s unique needs and on creating products with a selection of scientifically-proven ingredients to support these specific needs. I offer a skincare routine that consists of fewer products that suit specific needs.

My philosophy is that skincare products should support skin with quality and not quantity. I am against one generic moisturizer, which should be supplemented by other products to suit a specific skin type. I can explain why. Each product contains structural ingredients, thickeners, stabilizers, and preservatives.  By applying an additional product onto your skin, you are introducing not only the skin-supporting ingredients but also the components I have mentioned above. And it brings me back to overloading our skin.

I believe that in skin care, less is more.

Minimalism in skincare is more sustainable for the environment, i.e.: fewer products to produce, fewer resources to invest in, less waste to generate, all resulting in a smaller footprint.

Minimalism in skincare is also sustainable for your wallet and your shelf space 😊

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