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Does Drinking Water Alleviate Dry Skin?

Does Drinking Water Alleviate Dry Skin?

According to some online sources - yes!

However, from a physiological standpoint, that is not the case.

When you drink water, it hydrates cells once absorbed into the bloodstream, and then it is filtered by the kidneys. Drinking water flushes the system and hydrates the body overall. Higher water content in the body improves blood flow to the surface, but it doesn't actually hydrate skin. However, water is necessary to support collagen production, making it an important backbone for keeping skin elastic and plump.

Lack of water instead, shows up as dryness, irritation, fine lines and acne on the skin. The main problem with dry skin is that you lose too much water via evaporation from the skin. How your skin retains water is a function of transepidermal water loss. If you have dry skin, your lipid barrier is impaired, so you don't have enough oil to hold onto the water you have.

Think of it as trying to fill a bucket of water that has a huge hole at the bottom. You need to fix the leak first!

Let's look into research studies conducted on this topic:

In 2007, a review from the Kaplan Medical Centre in Israel found just one study looking at how water affects the skin. According to a small 2-week-long study, those who drank water saw no difference in their skin in terms of wrinkles and smoothness. However, those who drank mineral water (as opposed to tap water) did see a slight decrease in skin density, suggesting that the skin retained more moisture.

In 2018, researchers took a look at the body of literature surrounding this popular idea. They reviewed six studies on drinking water and skin health and concluded that, despite some promise, the overall evidence was “weak.”

Overall, no conclusive correlation between water drinking habits and the alleviation of dry skin was revealed.  

Having said that, severe dehydration will cause reduced skin elasticity, making wrinkles look more prominent. But the emphasis here is on severe dehydration, which is a pretty serious medical condition that requires urgent treatment.

The most effective way to address dry skin is topical rather than internal. Including hydrating serum rich in humectants (ingredients that attract moisture to your skin) to your skincare routine, such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol and glycerine will boost your hydration level. Moisturizer, rich in emollients, such as natural oils, will help to seal in moisture, improve skin texture and restore suppleness. Try our combo set for dry skin with a gentle cleanser, serum, and moisturizer to replenish lost moisture and maintain healthy plump skin.

Additional to a proper skincare routine, minimizing your exposure to depleting elements―low humidity, harsh winds, dry heat, high altitude, sun, alcohol, long baths―and avoiding stripping soaps will maintain a healthy skin barrier and reduce water loss from your skin.

Water is essential for your health and staying hydrated will contribute to your overall wellness. But is not the answer for healthy moisturized skin. Perfecting skin's hydration is dependent on a multitude of factors working together ― in addition to drinking water.

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